Season's Greetings: West Edition!
By: Emilio Escobar

It is now time for the West's preview!

Playoff Seeds:

#1 - Sacramento Kings: How can the Kings lose with Chris Webber's clutch play and Doug Cristie's outside shooting? You can't lose! Now the Kings also have Keon Clark, who was a very good player for the Grizzlies last year. Watch out Lakers!!!!!

#2 - San Antonio Spurs: The Spurs have Tim Duncan and he is the MVP. They should win the NBA championship.

#3 - Los Angeles Lakers: I do not like the Lakers! Everytime I turn around I hear more about O'Neil and his broke foot or Kobe and his new Spalding Infusion basketballs. What about Brian Shaw? Huh?

#4 - Minnesota Timberlands: I really like this team because they have Kevin Garnett and he can dunk on anybody. Also, Minnesota has Wally Zerbiak and he was an all star last year plus he is young. Minnesota should end up challenging Sacramento in the west finals.

#5 - Utah Jazz: John Stockton and Carl Malone are still very good and now they will play even better because they are going to retire. Have you ever heard of saving the best for last? The Jazz are going to do that, you will see.

#6 - Portland Blazers: Portland is bringing back Sabonus and he is going to be there center. This will let Rasheed Wallace play forward and that means they will have a size advantage when Wallace shoots 3 pointers all year. Also, Portland has three point guards, look out for this.

#7 - Dallas Mavericks: Dirk Novitzki is a really good player, I saw him on TV once and he scored like 25 points against this other guy who was good at defense. Nick Van Excel is going to be the 6th man of the year.

#8 - Vancouver Grizzlies: I really like these guys because they have Jason Williams. He can throw a behind the back pass and nobody knows where the ball goes. They also drafted Andrew Gooden, who should be a very good player (this is what my sources told me).

The best of the rest:

Golden State Warriors: Mike Dunleavy Jr. is a dork! Have you seen him play? I don't like him, and that's why the Warriors are going to suck!

Los Angeles Clippers: They are the Clippers! Who cares?????????

Houston Rockets: Steve Francis has a lot of headaches and he is out for the season. Without him, the Rockets only have Mookie Norris at point guard, which is bad. He has an afro, but he is not that good. Hakeem needs to retire, he can't play anymore. Why did they draft that Yow guy if they already had Hakeem?

Denver Nuggets: I heard that the coach in Denver is just going to give up this year!

Seattle Sonics: Gary Payton hates everyone on his team and he is a mean guy. He wants a big contract from Seattle and they don't want to give it to him because he's allergic to success! Thank god they got rid of Vin Baker though, he sucked!

Phoenix Suns: Anthony Hardaway lost his job to a rookie last year, that tells you all you need to know! Stephen Marbury needs to stop going into jail long enough so the Suns can win a game too.

There it is folks, my western conference preview. Hopefully you learned a thing or two because all I have done the past week is read about the NBA. Keep checking in, this looks like it will be a good season!