Your One-Stop Trade Rumor Shop

By: Emilio Escobar

Eastern Conference:

There are rumors in Orlando that the Magic want to trade Tracy MacGrady because the Magic are now 3-1 without him and this is better than they are doing with him. I have contacted a few friends of mine and they do not think this will happen. I think that it could! Chicago wanted Tracy a couple of years ago so watch out for a Jalon Rose for Tracy MacGrady swap.

Miami is not happy with Alonzo Morning and the way he has been playing lately. Look for Morning to be traded because he is a free agent after this year and this is very valuable to teams looking to sign a free agent in the summer.

Detroit needs more scoring and might be looking at trading Ben Wallace for Jerry Stackhouse. Detroit says that they like Stackhouse's scoring ability and he would compliment Richard Hamilton, the NBA's leading scorer. Ben Wallace would then help Kwame Brown.

New York wants to trade their entire roster, and is thinking about trading all of them for Miami running back Ricky Williams. Haha, I'm just kidding. That would be funny though.

Philadelphia wants to get rid of Eric Snow because he takes too many shots, but nobody else wants him. Seattle said they will trade Kenny Anderson, but Philadelphia doesn't want him. Another scenario is that Philadelphia trades Aaron McKey for Austin Kosher.

Western Conference:

Sacramento is happy that they have Mike Bibby back, but now they don't know what to do with Bobby Jackson. Bibby averaged 20 points and 9 assists last year and Jackson averaged 10 points and 3 assists, so Bibby is much better. Jackson did very well this year as well, but the only team that wants him is San Antonio and Jackson said he wouldn't play there because his brother Stephen plays there already.

Portland wants to trade a couple of guys, mainly Bonzy Wells. Wells has called the coach a lot of names but is best friends with Rasheed Wallace, so Portland does not know what to do. Also, Damen Stoudemire wants to be traded too because Tony Daniels is playing better than him. Stoudemire makes too much money to be traded, but there are rumors that Portland will trade him to Orlando for Grant Hill. Portland wants Hill because he brings class to the team.

Golden State wants to trade Danny Fortson, but nobody wants him! Fortson is on the bench because he can't rebound as much as he did last year and he is slow. Troy Murphy is playing more and he is playing much better.

Denver is still not happy with Nickolos Skitishwilly, the rookie from France. Denver's coach Jeff Prizbilla said that they will probably trade him to get more draft picks. Also, Denver sucks. Denver only has one point guard, so look out for this. Denver is looking into signing Sherman Douglas.

The Lakers really need to trade for someone, and I heard that they will sign Horace Grant. I don't think they would sign Horace because he sucks now, so I think the Lakers will trade for Chris Webber. I don't know who they will trade to Sacramento, probably Samoki Walker or something because he sucks.

Vancouver is looking to trade Andrew Gooden because Pow Gasol has been playing so much better lately. Gooden will probably go to an east team, possibly Philadelphia for Derek Coleman.

I will try and keep up with all of the trade rumors until the trade deadline on February 14. Happy holidays everyone!