Tracy vs. Kobe: Everybody wins!

By: Emilio Escobar

I should be studying for my algebra exam, but I felt that this is a debate that needed a solution. Tracy MacGrady vs. Kobe Bryant; Who is better? I have done extensive research on this matter, and I am here to tell you this. Both of these guys are overrated!

First, I will focus on MacGrady. He has Grant Hill, who is much better. Grant Hill played in Detroit for 10 seasons before he signed a free agent contract with the Orlando Magics. Once he got to Orlando, he tore his ACL and was forced to miss 3 seasons while recuperating. Because of this, MacGrady got all of the shots he wanted and since he was scoring more, he is viewed as being a better player. What if Grant Hill never tore his ACL (this is a bone in your knee, for those of you who do not study angioplasty like myself)? I will tell you what would happen. Grant Hill would surpass his career averages of 29ppg and would go on to lead the lead in scoring, while MacGrady would become the second coming of Nick Anderson (Anderson played 4 seasons with the Orlando Magics in the 1990's and was a really bad 3 point shooter). I believe MacGrady might have gotten 15ppg if Hill was not injured. But Grant was injured, even I can't turn back time and reverse it LOL!

Secondly, Kobe Bryant is a ball hog! I saw him play against the Miami Heat and he scored 48 points but needed 48 shots to get those points! Who else has taken 48 shots in a single game? Just Wilt Chamberlain, because he scored 100 points 20 years ago! That was a long time ago and the game was a lot different back then. In the modern NBA game, you can't take that many shots or your teammates won't like you. Now the Lakers are 5-15 and they are not very good. O'Neil is supposed to come back very soon, but Kobe still thinks he is Superman but with a functional spinal cord. How does Shaq ensure that he will get the ball? I do not know, the only thing I know for certain is that Kobe Bryant is a jerk.

These are my points, take note of them as I have laid several facts on the line. The best player in the NBA is Chris Webber because he is 7 feet tall and plays power forward, but he can also shoot from outside. Why does everyone think Bryant and MacGrady are the best? I do not know, but Kobe Bryant is a jerk.