Stars of Tomorrow!

By: Emilio Escobar


I watched the entire NCAA basketball elimination tournament thing and I saw alot of players who will be really good I think I really do. I decided to write an article about it because there are some misconceptions out there that I do not know what I am talking about and I want to put them to rest. I will wow you with my extensive amateur basketball knowledge now.

TJ Ford - I saw him play in the finals and I think that he has what it takes to become a really good player. I saw him make shots from pretty far out and he can pass pretty well. There was more than one occasion where I was like "hey, this guy is pretty good."
Travis Bell - He is kind of small for a point guard but he can score a lot. I watched him play against Conneticut and he played pretty well. I can picture him being like Allan Iverson, he's a guard in the NBA and they play pretty similarily.
Caramelo Anthony - Everyone says that he should have come out from high school last year but I think he played better this year than he would have played in the NBA I really do guys. He is like a power forward but he can play small forward and shooting forward too. He got like 10 rebounds in one of the elimination games it might have been more but I only saw one game where he got 10 rebounds so I don't know.
Chris Doohon - He is a point guard and I think that he is ok but he doesn't score very much so he sucks.
Dante Jones - This guy already got drafted like 5 years ago I don't know why he's in the draft again. I think this is one of the new rules they instituted in the Collection Bargaining Agreement (also known as the CBA guys) but he's better now.
Wayne Dwyade - He played really well but nobody knows if he is a point guard or a shooting guard. People wonder this about Allan Iverson too and he made a commercial about it so I don't know. I think that he will be good.
David West - People are saying that he is too short but I don't think he is and he will be the next Cordless Williamson.
Mike Sweeney - This guy is really fat and he is the new Robert Trayler but he might not be traded for Dirk Novitzki (GOOD JOB MAVERICKS LOL!)
Luke Walton - It must be nice to be a former NBA player's kid, you're automatically guaranteed a place in the NBA without being able to play very well.
Brett Nelson - He looks like a 12 year old faggot.

These guys look like they might get drafted too

Darky Milicicic - Someone told me that he is like 17 years old and he's 8 feet tall. Someone else told me that he's a fish that lives on the bottom of Dead Man's Lake and theres an old wives tale that you can't catch him without smearing the blood of a virgin across your front door. I also heard that he's a faggot.
Eureka Okeydokey - From what I've gathered, he is smart and he likes school alot so he might be in the draft but if he is then he will be very good I really think so.
Ronald McDonald - LOL just kidding guys

Thats all I can think of right now but I will be scouting for more guys that I think will become stars. If you think that there are more then you can e-mail me but I am very busy scouting players in Europe guys but I will try ok thanks bye.