Season's Greetings, East Edition!

By: Emilio Escobar

The season is upon us and with my new website, I am going to show everyone how I think this year will go. Aside from all of the witty articles, I am occasionally serious. Without further ado, here we go:

Playoff Seeds:

#1 - Detroit Pistons: They were good last year and they got rid of Stackhouse, now they are poised for even more team ball! Richard Hamilton is a great defensive player (much better than Stackhouse ever was) and the Pistons will shock the world. Mark it eight, dude!

#2 - Charlotte Hornets: Charlotte looks like a great team, they have Baron Davis and Bryce Drew (very good player who never gets a chance) and Cory Alexander at shooting gard. They also have lots of big guys with Elvin Campbell and PJ Brown, watch out for these guys.

#3 - Atlanta Hawks: With Shareef Rahim and Jason Terry, the Hawks are going to score lots and lots of points. In the eastern conference, that's all you need! Dan Dickow is going to be the rookie of the year, too.

#4 - New York Knicks: Antonio MacDice is going to become the great center that the Knicks have missed since Ewing retired 3 years ago. Allen Houston and LaTrell Sprewell will be the MacGrady and Hill of the Knicks and the Knicks will make noise in the playoffs, you'll see!

#5 - New Jersey Nets: No I did not forget about the Nets, but you should! Jason Kid is going to become a free agent at the end of the year and he will sign with the Spurs (that's what I hear anyway) and this will make the Nets become the Trail Blazers. Mutumbo is not a good scorer like McCullogh was.

#6 - Boston Celtics: I don't like the Celtics, they only have two good players and the rest of there team just sucks out loud! If Pierce or Walker are injured, this team is just as good as the Cavs! I heard a nasty rumor that Paul Pierce was mad at the guys who stabbed him a couple years ago, this could affect his game so watch out! Fantasy dog alert!!!!!

#7 - Indiana Pacers: Reggie Miller is an ugly troll

#8 - Miami Heat: The Heat have Karen Butler now and Alonzo Morning was an allstar last year! Eddie Jones and Bryant Grant are great players! They are a darkhorse team for the NBA title.

The best of the rest

Orlando Magics: Grant Hill's foot won't stop falling off and Tracey MacGrady had back problems last year (Fantasy red flag!!!).

Philadelphia Sixers: Alan Iversin broke his elbow and he has been thrown in jail. Without him, the Sixers are not as good as they were last year.

Toronto Raptors: Vince Carter hurt his knee last year and the Raptors lost 15 games in a row when they had Vince. Now that Vince is back, they will lose a lot of games (more than 15!).

Chicago Bulls: The Bulls are going to be back! Jalon Rose is a good player and the Pacers are going to miss him and his 3 point shooting a lot.

Cleveland Cavs: They don't have anyone anymore, are they even going to play the season?

Millwauke Bucks: The Bucks started out very good last year, but they didn't make the playoffs last year. Since they didn't have a good team anyway and then they traded there best player (Glen Robinson) they should be even more bad.

Washington Wizards: Michael Jordan is the best player ever, but not anymore! Jerry Stackhouse sucks! I don't like him and Christian Latener is not good either. It is going to look like the old Bulls teams when Jordan first came to the NBA!

There it is, I can't wait for the season to start! Should I get league pass? I don't know, it's a lot of money if you ask me. Maybe I will, that way I can write more articles by myself. Anyway, I have to go now. Good luck to all of the teams