Biggest Disappointments Thus Far

By: Emilio Escobar

I am writing this article because there are lots of players that have severely disappointed me. As I have stated a few times, I am a former NBA front office executive and I love this basketball game we call the NBA. As I have watched every team on NBA League Pass, I can't help but notice that there are surprises and disappointments every year, especially early on in the year. So without further ado, here you are!

Karl "The Male Man" Malone: He averaged more points last year when his team made the playoffs. If he keeps playing the way he is he will put his team's playoff chances in jeopardy. Greg Ostertag is playing the best basketball in his entire life and this is the reason why Utah doesn't suck right now. Andre Kerilenko is also playing very well.

Alonzo Morning: He was an all star last year and now he isn't even playing because he sux! Rumor has it that Pat Riley won't play him so that his salary does not count against the salary cap charger. Once a player plays a game, his salary counts for the whole year. Morning makes $8 million and the Heat don't want to pay him that much, so they will not play him

Darryl Armstrong: He is only in his 7th or 8th year so he can't be over 30 yet, so why does he suck so bad now? Ever since Orlando drafted him, he was their best player when Anthony Hardaway left and signed with Golden State. Why does he suck now? He is only shooting 35% and that is not good! He is also saying that his friend, Horace Grant, is a jerk!

Zidrunis Illgouskus: OK, I will admit that I might have spelled his name wrong LOL! He doesn't play that much lately because he has bad practice habits and head coach John Lupus said he wouldn't play if he keeps showing up without sleeping. Also, there is a rumor that Ilgouskus is gay and that's why he is not playing as well.

Dirk Novitzki: He hurt his knee this year and he has not played the same since then. His teammate Steve Nash said that Dirk is too focused on his outside game and he won't post up anymore like he did last year. Also, Dirk is not getting 20 rebounds anymore like he did.

Hakeem Olashuwon: He sucked last year, but he sucks even more this year. I investigated this and I found out it is because of Romadon (that's a Jewish holiday for those of you who did not know) and Hakeem is committed to playing like Eric Montross this year. He is doing a good job of it so far!

Amari Stoudemire: Everyone thought he was going to be great this year because of his preseason stats. He's only getting 12 points a game, which isn't "great" last time I checked.

Tom Googsliotta: He used to be an all star! What happened to him? Did he have a seizure or something?

Kenny Anderson: He was the point guard for the Celtics last year and now he doesn't even play. What is wrong with Jim O'Brian? Why won't he play his best player? He must really suck!

Juan Dixon: Many people will disagree but I think he played better last year I really do.

What is wrong with these players? E-mail me and let me know, I plan on making a column out of this and see what other people's reactions are. I hope to hear from all of you!