Me Am Enjoy Your American Ball Basket!
By: Rookie Sensation Darko Milicic

"After you take picture I steal camera like in movie ha ha!"


This am basket ball is very fun! Me am play this bounce very long time, very long! Me am love sport of America, America is #1! You am cheer for me, I am cheer for you! This great, is it not? You correct. I love this country! Fans of America say I do good and they cheer. I do good, yes? HOORAY!

America is a great place, no? What I say? I say America! Why no loud clap? I get ball. I make dunk on you! Why you sad? My mother? I no understand. What is going on? Ouch my face! What? No I not want to sit on bench! Coach, I hate! Why? No I do not like sit here! REGHT! I hate America. Death to America.

I must go to bed. Look at TV, it has many things on it. Look at pretty girls, they are pretty, no? I like to sit and watch them. Ooooooh, naked girl makes my penis hard! Oh yes, I like! Turn off lights coach coming is! “Coach, sleeping are we!” I say in fancy American accent. I do good, no? Yes, I think so! Ha ha!

Candy is very tasty in America. American candy bars taste good. Yes? I walk down street to store. I say, “Hello, I want candy bar!” and man in green shirt gives to me. I thank man in green shirt, I leave. Great honor it is to live in this America. This am great, I love America! Red and white forever because me am not blue! Ha ha! Love is this that I know play ball of basket, no? Candy and ball of basket are very fun with girls. Oh la la! Ha ha. I am love this game!

Does you know where I am come from? Is very poor there, no? I live under stove with my papa who am have no hair! This crazy, no? I eat cabbage that die and have am play in snow! What is me going to be do play in the snow? No! I say no! I spit! I come to America. Here I stay. I sit and stay with happy!

Do you am love America? Me do! I am love with every thing! Where does I find car? I am need car to play ball of basket. I fall money to your hand you give me car I smile! Ha ha. Who am does I need pay? No. I not pay. I come from poor. There is not rain where live I do. Have you seen? No? It because it am gone! Ha ha!

No, I just joke. Ha ha.